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  1. Check the Sender Email Address, not just the sender's name. Legit companies will send email using their own email addresses and not gmail or some weird unrelated email address.
  2. Links in the email should be Legit. Most email application will allow you to preview the link inside an email message when you place your mouse cursor over it without clicking on it. Check if the link matches the company and not some weird unrelated website address.
  3. Email is send as yourself. If the email is send as yourself then you know it is fake, if the copyright notice at the bottom is your own domain or company name then it is fake.
These are just a few easy and quick ways to help you to identify phishing, it is still advised that should you get an email and you are not a 100% sure to rather contact the company or sender to confirm if the email is indeed legit. NEVER give any sensitive information to anyone in any way.


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