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MagicSpam PRO Protection give you the power to get more control over spam. It will enable you to adjust some settings to enforce more restrictions or even reduce some of the restrictions. Some of the setting will be locked and enforced by the server to ensure the server is not put at risk.

Access MagicSpam PRO

  • Log into Plesk Control Panel
  • Scroll down and click on the MagicSpam PRO link/icon.
  • The MagicSpam PRO dashboard will open up with a number of other tabs available at the top (Dashboard/Logs/Spam Settings/IP Reputation/Exemptions/Security)


The Dashboard will give you a quick overview with statistics about the spam that was blocked as well as email that was accepted.


The Logs tab will allow you to do a search with the mail log according to the criteria you specify which will enable you to see if a particular email was SPAM or HAM (email allowed to be delivered) for all the domains under your subscription. The Logs Tab will also display any users that are Rate Limited (send too many email massages in a specific time frame).
The Log View will enable you to Block/Allow IP's or Senders by clicking on the IP or Sender Email. Please use this with caution.
These logs can also be exported to CSV should you need a copy.

Spam Settings

You can use this tab to adjust some of the spam settings to either strengthen or weaken the spam policies. Most of these settings will be enforced by the server and cannot be adjusted by users.
You will also be able to adjust the Quarantine Settings to specify what the system should do with flagged massages.

IP Reputation

These setting control IP based setting like blacklisted IP addresses of servers sending spam.


The Exemptions Tab allow you to view/add blocked senders and IP addresses under the Blacklists. Here you can also remove current blocked senders/IP's or add senders/IP's to Whitelists.


Here you can add countries to a Blocklist which will deny authentication. This mean that no one from a blocked country can login to your email or use your email account details to send spam, it does not block emails send from these block countries.

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